Djalma J.

Modelagem e Designer 3D

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I started at a young age drawing in notebooks and drawing for colleagues and I used to do a lot of drawings but I didn't embark on a professional career in this area, shortly after the 2002's I got to know a 3d program called SILO was a very good program for that time.
So I met 3DMax and Maya but I liked it and I started to use Maya more but I didn't create a portfolio in them I also knew Blender but I never got familiar with it so in 2014 I had the opportunity to study Cinema 4D and I liked it a lot and that's when I continued to do it small projects on it and since then I've been studying and practicing on this software for 6 or 7 years so I'll put a small part of my work on this site.

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  • Cinema 4D
  • Design Gráfico
  • Ilustração a mão-livre
  • Ilustração Conceitual
  • Photoshop
  • 3DS Max
  • Blender 3D
  • Maya

Áreas de interesse:

  • Animação
  • Design 3D
  • Design de Produto
  • Design Gráfico
  • Ilustração



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