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Passionate for challenges, businessman, CTO and startups founder.
Quasar was born from a huge pain I had to keep consistency and high quality on my hirings while building my startup projects. The process to assemble the RIGHT team was always so complicated and expensive when I made the wrong choices that I decided to create my own software agency in Brazil to bring the quality standards that I took years and many mistakes to built and offer it as a business.
We have a solid portfolio and experienced professionals to design, manage, develop, lead and advise your project.

- Just have the Idea? Thats fine, our team will help you to define the project scope to become a successful business
- Only want one developer? Ok, he can offer an exclusive contract, full time developer dedicated to your business for long term relationships + the bennefit of Quality Assurance from our tech leads.

We are experts in software architecture, system's development, mobile development and technology business development. Check our portfolio and lets have a chat

Resumo da experiência profissional:

Founder and CTO at:
- Startup Agritech/Food tech that gives visibility and access to small business in the competitive online market, connecting producers, distributors and buyers in one huge platform that everyone can afford.
Technologies used: React - Redux - Node.js - AWS
Check at:,, Insta

- Hey Pally: Startup retailtech focused on gamify the word of mouth experience. Restaurants turn their top consumers into their best advertisers rewarding the one who make the referrals and the ones who were invited.
Technologies used: Scala - React - Redux - AWS
Check more at:

Major Project Hirings

- Lux Mobilidade Urbana: Lux is a mobile app customized for modern transportation demands focused on business.
Quasar was Hired by Fluxo Consultoria (UFRJ - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro). We accepted the challenge to build 2 uber like mobile apps from scratch within 8 weeks and we nailed it. Contractor was so satisfied that they hired us for 11 months contract to develop their business as CTO until the company breakeven. The apps Lux Motorista - Lux Passageiro - Lux Business are all rated above 4.5* at Google Play Store
Technologies Used: React - Redux - Node.js - Scala - Flutter
Check more at:

- Din Din : This is the Brazilian Fintech recently sold to a famous brazilian bank Bradesco at September 30th right after we completed our services to build their new Web Platform. We were responsible for the frontend development.
Technologies used: React - Redux
Check more at: and also

- Karmaddress : This amazing project is a Startup that rewards users for meaningful professional referrals as a tool that uses Linkedin contacts to measure the influence one has to be successful referring someone to a job or a deal.
Technologies used: React - Redux - Node.js
Check more at:

- POLI JÚNIOR USP (University of São Paulo) : Quasar built a solid relationship after many projects with Poli Júnior. We have a partnership to build projects while menthor their students to introduce them to real life projects, best practices and quality assurance standards.
Technologies used: Python - React - Redux - Django

- Casa&Vídeo : We built an internal system for the company staff to manage internal operations. The project is a partnership between Quasar and with Casa&Vídeo and project details are protected by NDA Contract.
Tecnologies used: Scala - React - Redux


  • Android
  • Angular
  • Gerenciamento de Produtos
  • Gerenciamento de Projetos
  • iOS
  • Java FX
  • Javascript
  • NodeJS
  • React
  • React Native

Áreas de interesse:

  • UX/UI & Web Design
  • Desenvolvimento Mobile
  • Desenvolvimento Web
  • Desenvolvimento Desktop
  • Outra - Web, Mobile & Software



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