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Sobre mim:

Hi. My name is Saulo Filho. And I'm a dev. I used to be an advertising/content copywriter. In the past ten years, at least. Now, I've been writing in HTML, CSS, JS (Bootstrap, jQuery, P5, React), and Java. And having fun with IoT & Robots.

Resumo da experiência profissional:

Hello, World!

It’s-a me, Saulo Filho, a Creative Professional, writing for advertising, content, and coding.

I've been doing ads for almost nine years, and during this time I've worked in Brazil and Netherlands in well-known advertising agencies, where I did great jobs for clients such as P&G, Unilever, Pernod Ricard, UNICEF, Natura, Volvo, América Móvil, HBO, FIAT, BASF, GSK, Ambev, Uber, and others.

All this experience helped me to grow a lot as professional and make my results even more creative. My work has been awarded multiple times at major award shows including Cannes, One Show, Lürzer's Archive, Wave Festival, WPPED Cream, Facebook Awards, Unilever Thumb-Stop and
Smarties Awards, El Ojo, FIAP and Clube de Criação São Paulo.

And I’m a newba developer as well, trying to get acquainted with front-end (HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, SASS, Bootstrap), generative art (Processing) and robots (Arduino).

Here you are going to find my work:


  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • PHP5
  • Sass
  • Wordpress

Áreas de interesse:

  • Desenvolvimento de Games
  • Desenvolvimento Mobile
  • Desenvolvimento Web
  • UX Design
  • Outra - Web & Desenvolvimento



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